MOTION Future Plan


MOTNFT would be an NFT based foolproof anti-counterfeiting solution with real-time supply chain tracking, operating exclusively on highly secure blockchain servers for Sports & Fitness Supplements. A report by ASSOCHAM has revealed that about 60-70 per cent of dietary supplements sold across India are counterfeit, unregistered, unapproved, and are extremely difficult to tell apart from the genuine ones.

MOTNFT would also act as a marketplace for Gym instructors, bodybuilders, and Dieticians to publish their NFTs. FITNFT would also act as an NFT marketplace to buy tickets to metaverse fitness and health events.


MOTIONVERSE would be the metaverse for health and wellbeing. It would provide a virtual space to interact between users and fitness trainers without any geographical boundaries. MOTIONVERSE would also enable virtual wellbeing tourism to place that users couldn’t normally visit physically