Motion App

Motion app rewards physical activity and makes fitness fun! Our App is now LIVE. Over 1000 users have already recorded more than 0.1 Billion steps on our Mobile App.

This mobile app is the data collection component of the MOTION ecosystem, collecting user fitness data and rewarding them in the native MOTION token. The MOTION app operates in two modes:

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Challenger mode: A free-to-use mode that's open to all consumers. Each week, we host sponsored challenges, and winners receive MOTION tokens and merchandise as prizes. The winners are decided based on the number of steps taken during the week. We have already tested this mode, and 142 users participated in the first Motion challenge. This mode is designed to drive traffic to the ecosystem and motivate the users to stay fit.

Reward mode: A subscription mode for the mobile app. Subscription is granted through the purchase of MOTION NFTs and another method that will be revealed closer to the MOTION token launch.

MOTION Mobile app could be downloaded by the users either from the google play store or the apple store.