About Us

Current fitness data systems are often controlled by a few centralized Digital giants, which leaves end-users at a disadvantage. These users, who produce the data, are unable to monetize their own information, while their privacy is often compromised.

At the same time, data consumers may not receive trustworthy and user-consented data, leaving them with incomplete or inaccurate information. The current Web2 fitness system is not transparent, and users and consumers may not fully understand how data is being used and generated.

MOTION aims to revolutionize the fitness data industry by leveraging blockchain technology. By collecting user-consented fitness data and storing it on a secure and transparent blockchain-based platform, MOTION empowers users to take control of their data and receive a share of the revenue generated from its use. With MOTION, users can finally monetize their own data and ensure their privacy is protected, while data consumers can access trustworthy and user-consented data.

MOTION is an end-to-end fitness ecosystem that includes a mobile app for rewarding exercise.

After giving consent, users can monetize their fitness data through discounts or direct payment in cryptocurrency using the platform's native token. The platform provides trustworthy data to partners, who can use it to create new data driven products and services.

Total Market size for Insurance, Preventive Healthcare, Personalized nutrition and Fitness domains is estimated to be $418 Billion by 2028. Sources and calculations available on request. Market size is per year and not cumulative. MOTION cumulative target market share by 2028 is $200M . This does not include Tokenomics revenues.

MOTION Wellness Private Limited incorporated in India with HQ in New Delhi in 2022. We launched our website http://themotion.app in Q1 2022. Company was mentioned in many digital dailies across India and abroad in 2022. MOTION Wellness Private Limited has built a strong community with nearly 4,200 followers on Twitter and 2020 on Telegram.

For any information contact us on
E-mail: info@themotion.app
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