Mobile app that gamifies and rewards physical activity through MOTION tokens.

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MOTN Token

Native ERC/BEP20 crypto token to enable efficient transactions for DeWell subscription fees and Mobile App rewards.

MOTION DeWell Platform

Blockchain technology-based platform central to the MOTION fitness ecosystem.

Our Team

Jon Quinnell

Jon Rugby coach at heart Jon has more than 20 years of IT technology experience and working with different start-ups.

Rajwinder Singh

Newton is a fitness freak passionate about mountain hiking. He’s a cloud and blockchain technology expert with 22 years of industry experience.

Maninder Kohli

Maninder Fitness freak and an entrepreneur with over 20 years experience in fitness logistics industry.

The Motion Man Badminton Ace and Block chain technology expert with over 18 years experience in technology. Brain behind MOTION App.

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